Just a Regular Day

It's been a while since my last Regular Day  post (and things were not even close to regular yet then!) so I thought it was about time to give you a glimpse into what the front edge of summer on an ordinary day looks like around here. 
  Brothers, just chillin' on the couch before school.  These were the only two up early this morning.  Fire has a few days left of summer school before he's home for the month of June. 

  Water and Sky woke up right after D and Fire left for the day.  Sky didn't mind wearing a uniform to school but she loves the freedom of choosing her clothes again.  Water chose just not to wear clothes (like you do when you're one).

  After breakfast, we do a bit of school: a workbook for Sky, puzzles for Water, and sitting practice for Earth

  Water wanted to do a work book too so I set him and Sky up at the table with a dry-erase book and marker

  We headed out around 8:45 to do a few errands and then we went to the library for story time.  With three kids on my own, it was all (two!) hands on deck so I didn't get any photos but we did come home with a big bag of library books to start off our summer reading.

  After lunch, the boys took naps and Sky settled in for some serious lego- castle building so I had a little free time to try to figure out what we'll be wearing for our family photos in a few weeks.  This is what I settled on:
  Sky got curious about what I was doing so we decided to try on our outfits and take a mirror-selfie (ignore the smears- that's life with little kids).  I love that girl's smile!
  Once we were back in our regular clothes, it was chore time.  I try to get a little housework done each day while the boys nap and today, it was the bathrooms that needed some attention.  I sprayed and Sky wiped.  It was so nice to have her help me with my house work and reminded me of my own mom teaching me how to keep house.

  Water and Earth woke up around 3:30 and we piled in the truck and picked up Fire from school.  When we got home, the kids had computer time, while I started dinner.

  D had put in some extra hours earlier in the week so he got home early tonight!  Earth took advantage of some extra daddy time by squeezing in a nap on his shoulder.

  We had some new friends over and I tried out a few new recipes for dinner (using squash blossoms and swish chard from the Tucson CSA).  We had a wonderful, relaxing evening, capped off with popcorn and the first Captain America movie after the kids were in bed.  Just a (great, joyful, fun-filled) regular day. 


  1. Wow, incredible..... sacred. Breathe. You will miss this.


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