Teething is a Pain!

  Earth is getting his top two teeth in right now and it's been painful for all of us!  We've been through this three other times but this time is the hardest.  It doesn't help that a terrible cold and sore throat have been making the rounds in our family and of course, Earth caught it.  Between the two, he didn't sleep through the night at all last week and was fussy most of the days.  He even stopped eating or taking a bottle for two days in the middle of it and I considered taking him to the hospital to see if he was dehydrated.  It was pretty scary for me and made me really glad that we have access to that kind of medical care, even if we didn't need it.  
  It was so nice to see him smiling again a few days ago- I've missed our happy boy.  Earth had another rough night last night after three good ones but since his teeth are through, I'm hopeful that we're past the worst of it.
  How do you help your kids through teething?  We've tried everything but are always open to new ideas.


  1. Amber teething beads worked well for our horrendous teether!

    1. He actually has one already but it doesn't seem to be helping. Water wore one and had the easiest time teething so we hoped the same would happen for Earth but so far, no luck :(


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