First Words

    Sky knew one word when she joined our family: Hello.  And she could say it perfectly.  If you handed her a phone, or anything even resembling a phone, she'd put it up her her ear and say very clearly, "Hello".  That went away a little bit while she adjusted to English and is starting to make a come back.  Her other first words are enana and no.  No is a pretty common first word for toddlers because it's what they hear all the time- no, don't touch, no, take that out of your mouth, no, no no, as Sky says.
  But we have a good story about the other word, enana.  It's how you say "That's bad" in Marshallese and we use it quite a bit.  About three weeks ago we were feeding Sky and she pushed her plate off her tray.  D and I were in the kitchen making our meal and we both looked up and said "Enana!" at the same time.  Sky looked at the plate of food on the floor (upside down, of course) and said, "Enana?"  exactly as we had and with the question inflection.  It was so cute!  D burst out laughing right there and I wanted to too but at the time I was more worried about the plate dropped on the floor on purpose.   We've been laughing about it ever since and it's become one of my favorite Sky stories.


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