Number Two?

  Yup, we're already talking about Number Two.  We definitely want another daughter for several reasons: it's tough being an only child; we may not always live here in the Marshalls and we want
Sky to have someone like her she can talk to if we head back to the US; and Sky would probably end up spoiled if she were the only one.  We'd like the girls to be close enough in age that they can talk to each other but Sky needs to be the oldest and probably by at least a year.  
 The adoption process for Sky took about five months, from first contact with the agency to court date.  Part of that was waiting to move into our house so that the homestudy could be completed and waiting for our documentation and then two months waiting for our court date.  Because we've done this before we have all our documentation together and there wouldn't be any waiting on the homestudy this time.  So, if we go by the timeline for the first adoption, we would get matched with our second daughter the first time we met with the adoption authorities and would have a court date 2-3 months after that.  Theoretically, we could have another daughter by Christmas.
  And originally, that's what we'd decided to do, do all the adopting and adjusting in one fell swoop, but after thinking about it some, I'm not so sure anymore.  Sky was only with her birth mother for four months and then her aunt for 10 months.  She's settling in beautifully with us but I want her to have time with just us, where she's the center of attention and knows it.
  Also, one of the reasons we've decided to live here in the Marshalls is the opportunity to travel, especially around the Pacific, Asia and South East Asia.  We'd been discussing taking Sky on a trip to New Zealand next year, just renting a campervan for a few weeks and hitting the road and if we adopted Number Two right away, we'd have to put that on hold.  I think that even if Sky didn't remember the trip, it would be good to have the pictures for her to see something that was just hers, something special that she did with just us.
  And reason number three, I'm not sure I'm ready to work one and a half jobs again so soon, especially with the extra stress of two kids.  I have really enjoyed staying home with Sky- it's given us a chance to really attach and to let her feel comfortable in her new home, but D and I have barely seen each other, since he goes to work at 6AM and I don't get home from work until 7PM.  It's been hard.  We'd have to do that again, while juggling Sky and a new daughter, and I think that might be too much.
  So, while we already have a name picked out and have figured out where the crib would fit in our room, we're going to hold on looking for Number Two for now and enjoy some more time as a family of three.


  1. So excited for all of you! I can't wait to meet the newest addition of course but I think its a good decision to give yourselves time to relax a bit and enjoy. It's not all that bad to be an only child ;) But being one makes me believe the best thing would be to have siblings for a million reason...among them, playing left hand versus right hand at Hungry, Hungry Hippo is just not as much fun!

    Also, I have GOT to get a package out to Ciela soon. It will be a really fun thing for her to play with but also even more fun to share with a sister down the road :)




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