Of Course, Things Went Fine

In case any of you are wondering, things went fine with D and I working overnight and people staying with Sky.  I was pretty worried about it (We'll See How This Goes) and left copious notes for each of the three wonderful women who stayed with her.  D and I ended up home at 3:30AM two of the mornings and at 5:30AM this morning, so Sky never even knew we were gone.  Crisis averted.
  But I'm still curious- would there have been a crisis?  Sky hasn't shown any signs of attachment problems. She warmed up to D right away and then to me after about two weeks.  She's still a little shy around new people but does just fine when we leave her with a sitter.  She's been with us for almost 6 months, so we're past any kind of "honeymoon" period and so far, all the behavioral problems we've had have been age-related (like teething) or change-related (like starting daycare).
  Believe me,we know that problems may still pop up, but for now we're counting our blessings that we have such a wonderful daughter.

If anyone is curious, this is what kept us up all night: http://www.darpa.mil/Our_Work/TTO/Programs/Falcon_HTV-2/Falcon_HTV-2.aspx


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