We'll See How This Goes

  Given the nature of mine and D's jobs and the fact that we work for the same company, we sometimes need to work at night and for long periods of time.  Sometime in the near future we will both need to be at work while Sky is sleeping and may not get back until after she wakes up.  I know this would be upsetting for most kids, to be put to bed by their parents but to wake up with someone else but in an adoption it can be really upsetting.  We went through it a few times when Sky's aunt would put her down for a nap and then wasn't there when Sky woke up.  She was devastated. 
  Sky has been with us for almost six months and has bonded and attached to us really well and I'm not anticipating any big problems with this.  On the two nights that we will both have to work we have really great people staying at the house.  Both of them have lots of experience with small children and love Sky to pieces.  She knows them and likes spending time with them and has spent time alone with them before. 
  But because everything I've read about adoption, and specifically toddler adoption, recommends the exact oppsite of this, I'm pretty nervous.  How will she do when someone other than Mama and Daddy wakes her up and makes her breakfast and takes her to pre-school?  Will there be any fall out? 
  I can hear D now, saying that she'll be fine, she's been fine with the sitters that we've had and we haven't had any issues afterward.  But I worry.
  I'll let you know how it goes.


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