Party Pics

Sky trying out a pudding tart before the party

See, our house is clean sometimes!

Me holding J, another recently adopted baby

Sky having fun in the bounce house with S and A


Some of our friends enjoying the party on the patio

J, A, and J relaxing after the party

Mo came by after work

The food table after the party
 These are out of order and I can't seem to put them where the belong
The food table before the party: cupcakes, D's homemade pretzels, banana bread, chipotle hummus and red pepper salsa- Yummy!

Sky and her friends playing inside
   Sky's Welcome Home party went really well.  We had lots of people come by the house and everyone had a great time.  We borrowed a bounce house from our neighbors up the street and that was a big hit with the kids.  The food was a big hit with everyone.  D made both plain and garlic pretzels, chipotle hummus and a roasted red pepper salsa and I made cupcakes, pudding tarts and banana bread.  I completely forgot about the veggie tray I was going to put out, but no one seems to have missed it in the midst of all the junk food!   
  Sky looked great in her party dress (Thanks, Fairy Godmother!) and loved being the center of attention.   We had a lot of elementary-school-aged kids at the party and Sky was so happy that they played with her.  The Hutchins brought J to the party and she charmed everyone- thanks to her, D is thinking that maybe we could handle a baby next time.  The Heplers and Longs, who both have adopted Marshallese children, came too and it was really neat to compare adoption stories.
  For everyone who came to the party, we hope you had as much fun as we did and for those who couldn't make it, you were missed and we hope to see you at Sky's next party!


  1. Glad to see her partying in her party dress! What a great event! Looks like you all had a good time, I just love seeing these photos!

    Fairy God Mother,

    PS I have those same food storage containers, aren't they awesome? :)

  2. David LOVES those things. He practically makes people sign them out when they take leftovers home!


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