She Knows What She Wants!

Ms Cherie and Sky in May
  Sky knows what she wants and yesterday it was Ms Cherie.   Ms Cherie is our next door neighbor and she watches her one afternoon a week for us.  She usually comes to the back door when she's ready to take Sky so when we got home I took our shoes off and we settled in for some playtime.  Before long,  Sky started asking for juice.  I told her no, we don't have juice at the house, but she kept asking for it.  I asked her if she wanted water and she said no and conituned to ask for juice.  Finally I asked her to show me what she wanted.  She ran to the back door and picked up her SHOES, so I helped her put them on and then she started pushing on the back door.  When I opened it she ran outside, through the gate to Ms Cherie's back yard and knocked on her door!  Sky gave Ms Cherie a big hug when she came to the door and almost started crying when she told her she couldn't play with her today.  Sky loves her some Ms Cherie time!


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