A Weekend On Roi

 Sky looking cute in her raincoat after running through puddles

 And trying on some hand-me-down clothes from a friend of mine

 Mama and Sky showing off their new bathing suits

 Keven and Paul's birthday "cake" (aka Mint Mohito Jello shots!)

 She loved playing in the hammock!

 Singing to the Birthday Boys

 There's one of them- Happy Birthday Keven!

 We spent most of the day hanging out in the water. 


 Daddy and Sky

 Our treasure on the pirate treasure chest


 Sky and Mama having some snacks

 This girl has the best down-dog ever!

This was probably the highlight of Sky's weekend: eating ramen in front of the TV


  1. What an adventure! You're so wise to take lots of pics and enjoy every minute of it.


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