And we're back!

  Hi folks,
  Sorry for the break, but we have been workin' fools lately!  Being that we work for The Man, I can't tell you much about what we've been up to but since some of it made the news, you can read it here for yourself:  I'll just say that it kept us busy here and that afterwards, I literally slept all day yesterday. 
  Now that that's over, we can get on with the fun stuff!  D's birthday is this weekend ( 36- how'd that happen?) and we're having two parties for him, one for friends and one just the three of us where there may or may not be mint-chocolate ice cream cake, maybe.  After a very birthday weekend, D flies to Thailand on Tuesday for some vacation and maybe surgery, while Sky and I stay here for Thanksgiving and some mom and daughter time.  We'll be having Thanksgiving at our friends Bridget and David's house and then Sky will be going to her BFF's birthday party before we fly to Thailand on the 29th. 
  Exciting times ahead for us!  Keep an eye out here for updates and pictures!


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