What I Am Thankful For:

  This year, I'm thankful for Ms Cheri.  Yes, of course, I'm thankful that I have a wonderful daughter and husband and that I have a job and that I live on a tropical island.  I'm thankful for a family that supports me and loves me and that I miss so much, especially on days like today.  But this year, I'm most thankful for Ms Cheri.
  Sky had a rough day today.  Things just aren't normal here, with D being gone and school being out for the day, and she had a hard time dealing with it.   All of her behaviors were normal toddler behaviors but they were... more extreme than they usually are.  There was more crying, more saying no, more throwing things and some biting.  And I couldn't be out of her sight- she even napped with me today.
  So tonight when we went to Thanksgiving dinner at my neighbor's house, I let out a huge sigh of relief when  Ms Cheri walked in.  As soon as she sat down, I pointed Sky in her direction and told her that it'd been kind of a rough day for both of us and she took right over.  She carried Sky around, entertained her, fed her dinner and gave her her milk.  For the first time today, I got to sit back for a little bit and it was wonderful.  I had a chance to eat some wonderful food, have some great conversation and a little bit of wine.  Ms Cheri and I talked for a little bit and she gave me some great pointers on getting through these rough days and offered to help out some more when she could.
  Thank you, Ms Cheri, for helping me end Thanksgiving Day with a smile!


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