Marshall Islands Trade Fair

 Once or twice a year, the command hosts a trade fair for local Marshallese artisans to sell their crafts.  There was a trade fair this weekend and I was able to purchase some very unique and beautiful items.
 The Marshallese are known for their weaving and I've wanted one of these mats for a long time.   This one is about 5 feet long and 3 feet wide and we decided to display it on a wall (it's still unrolling).  We hung it while Sky was napping and when she saw it for the first time she pointed and said pretty! and kept saying that every time she walked past it.

 I agree, I think it's gorgeous.  Here's a closeup:

 The Marshallese are known to be excellent sailors and D has admired these models of thier outrigger canoes for a long time.  I bought this one for him for his birthday.

 A beautiful necklace and earrings

There were also fisherman there selling their catch.  We got a spiny lobster and a whole lot of tuna

 The tuna made really yummy sushi and sashimi!


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