A Little Catch-Up

 Sky demonstrating exactly how high up she can pull her pants

 D having the first bite of his ice cream cake

Sky helping D with his luggage

  Just a little catch-up, in photos and info.  D made it to Thailand and to the hospital for his appointments.  He's met with a GI doctor there and a surgeon and they are running a full battery of tests.  It sounds like they're being even more thorough then they would have been in the states, which is great.  I really like that they're trying to determine the true cause of his stomach pain rather than just doing surery and forgetting about him.  Right now, D's on his way to Hua Hin down on the coast to take some kite boarding lessons before he goes back to Bangkok for the rest of those tests.
  Sky and I are still on Kwaj and are doing okay.  Mornings are better than evenings and Sky is starting to really miss her daddy.  I had to rock her to sleep last, something we haven't had to do in months.  Today is the first of four days we'll have at home before we fly to Thailand and I'm hoping they're full enough to keep her distracted and happy.
  We'll keep you posted!


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