A Rough Weekend for Fire

  Other titles I considered for this post were: "This weekend did not go as planned", "The weekend we lived at the hospital", and (my personal favorite but a little to long to be really catchy) "If a baby is screaming at the Kwaj hospital, it's probably one of ours".   Of course, I considered using "Poor Fire", a perfect follow up to the "Poor Sky!" post from last month but I think "A rough weekend for Fire" really sums it up best.
  On Saturday I took Fire to the hospital for a routine procedure.  Everything went fine, no surprises, nothing unexpected happened.  A few hours later I got a call from Fire's nanny telling me that he was in a lot of pain and that she thought I should come home.  I found out when I got there that the reason Florina wanted me home was that Fire was bleeding from the incision sight.  Bleeding a lot.  I scooped him right into his carrier and headed to the hospital. 
  D and I have had our run-ins with the Kwaj hospital (see this post for more on that) but we decided to have this surgery done here rather than when we're visiting the states because there's a really low incidence of complications with this procedure and the hospital has been really good lately about sending folks off when they need to go.  I'm glad to say that our faith in the Kwaj medical staff was rewarded this weekend.  When it became clear to Fire's doctor that she needed help, the whole hospital mobilized to treat him.  They called in a nurse-anesthetist and an attending nurse to make sure Fire wasn't in pain, the lab folks came down to draw him to test for bleeding disorders and another doctor came in to assist.
  Fire ended up needing stitches to stop the bleeding so he, and I, stayed in the hospital over night.  Because of the unfamiliar circumstances, Fire was pretty wakeful and at one point around midnight, I walked him out to the nurses station and said, "Look at that, you're awake and he's awake.  What a coincidence!".  The night nurses played with him for two hours until he was tired again and then put him to sleep for me.  Because of that, I actually got a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, which I definitely needed by then.
  We were released the next morning with careful instructions but Fire just wasn't himself most of the weekend.  He didn't laugh and dance like he usually does and wanted to be held all the time.  By late Monday, D and I were concerned that the area around his stitches didn't look good and we worried that he might have an infection.  A trip to the ER earned him some antibiotics and another doctors appointment for today. 
  This morning Fire woke up like his usual happy self and didn't seem to be in pain when I cleaned his incision sight.  That was a big relief to me because he'd screamed any time anything came near it before.  The doctor today said that Fire is healing fine and that we should continue the antibiotics and keep it extra clean.  It was a nerve-wracking weekend for all of us but things are looking better now that Fire's on the mend.


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