Fried Chicken and Mashed Cauliflower

  Last night D made the most wonderful fried chicken ever!  He started with a whole chicken, the smaller "fryer" size and pieced it out, then used this recipe for frying it: Great Fried Chicken.  The recipe says to start the night before but of course, we didn't and it was fine anyway.  It also calls for three cups of flour and we ended up with a bunch left over.  We're saving it (in the freezer) for the next time we make fried chicken but you could get away with using less. 
  For the cauliflower, I simply cut the head up into pieces and tossed them in a steamer.  Let it cook until the cauliflower is really, really soft.  Drain the cauliflower then treat it as you would mashed potatoes.  Once it's been cooked this much, it basically becomes a vehicle for butter and cheese.  We used a powdered blue cheese but almost anything would work.  This might be a good way to ease a kid into cauliflower if they've turned their nose up at it before.
  We rounded out our meal with biscuits (from the tube) and then had ice cream for desert. Sky loved the chicken and biscuits and didn't put up a fight when we told her she had to eat her cauliflower before she could have seconds. 

  I don't have any pictures of the meal but I'll leave you with this one:  Ciela's table-top-view of her favorite food, edamame:


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