Adoption and Citizenship Update

  We're getting closer to starting the Big Wait, the wait to be chosen for our next child.  We had our homestudy last weekend and it's ready to be sent to our coordinator.  We took advantage of a great deal on Shutterfly and went ahead and ordered our profile books.  Our background check and fingerprint request was recieved by the FBI and is in process.  When I called them the other day, they said that our coordinator should get the results in about three weeks.  We're so close!
  We're also in the process of filing for Sky and Fire's US citizenship through the N600K process.  We have all the paperwork ready- all that's left is to print the photos and get the paperwork notarized.  I hope to get the package in the mail next week.  Family friends that have gone through the process have told us that it'll be about nine months until we get our appointment date, which will be about three months after that.  All together, that means that Sky and Fire could be US citizens by this time next year! 


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