Silly Kids and a Silly Mom

These days, when it's quiet you start to wonder what the kids are up to.  Sometimes they're playing quietly or looking at books.  And sometimes they're doing headstands.


Sky is learning to swim with a mask and snorkel and the (still too large) child-sized one we ordered arrived in the mail the other day

  So that's my silly kids, now for the silly mom.  Thank you, wonderful readers who've signed up to keep on reading when we took the blog private!  I really do love knowing who's reading and I'm over the moon about the reasons we decided to go private (hooray for more babies!) but... vanity, thy name is Amber.  I'm sure a lot of the page hits and reader numbers were fake but it was pretty neat to see them creep up, from 4 readers a day to over 100.  It's been hard for me to see them go back down and I have to keep reminding myself why I have this blog: to help remember our family moments and to celebrate adoption and connect with other adoptive families not so that I can extra special or popular.  The realization that my blogging here was such a validation for me has been a bitter pill to swallow and I'm having trouble making myself blog without it.   Please be patient with me, my friends, as I get back into the swing of blogging and back to doing it for the right reasons.


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