D had a little helper while making beer...

and again while making my Mother's Day breakfast
The yacht club here had their annual Sunfish Day, where they take out the 1-2 person boats and take people out on rides.  The kids are getting a little bigger and we were really excited for this event- it seemed like a great way to introduce the kids to sailing.

Fire and D heading out with our friends Dan and Karen in the Hobie cat

This sweet girl was not happy about having to wait her turn

but decided she didn't wnat to go when her turn came.

The kids LOVE helping me vacuum!  And they though vacuuming inside the dryer was really fun.  I sense a weekly chore in the making...
Goop!  Sky has been having some anxious moments lately and we're working with her teachers at school to find ways to help her deal with them  One of their suggestions was to give her some more tactile activities, so one afternoon after quiet time, I made goop for her out of water, cornstarch, and food coloring.  She had a great time so I think we'll do that again soon.


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