Cute Picture Catch Up

It's been ages since I've done a cute picture dump!  Grab your coffee and get comfortable because here is a giant post full of adorable pictures from the last few months
  My little helpers, carrying in our Operation Christmas Child boxes

Fire has the biggest laugh!  It takes up his whole body and his smile lights up his whole face!

Fire doesn't like doing his homework but we're finding ways to get it done.  Despite his current school challenges he is learning what he needs to know.  He has sight words to review every night and one of his favorite things to do is to rewrite them on his whiteboard.  Sight word review plus handwriting practices minus a fight?  Yes, please!

  Water insisted I take a picture to show that he'd finished his breakfast


D has started reading Harry Potter to Sky at bedtime.  They both look forward to it and I'm so glad that they're making this memory, since I have great ones of my dad reading to me

 It's hard being three when Mama won't give you everything you want...

The kids were cold and wanted their winter coats- it was 77 degrees out

Take my picture, Mama!

  Sky saved up her allowance and bought a new lego kit.  Building things is her happy place

Sky was at a sleepover one Saturday morning so D and I bundled up all the boys for a run

I moustache you a question!

Sky wanted a picture of her fluffy hair.  It's normally bone-straight but after a night in wet braids, she gets really great waves

D said helping Earth build with legos was like helping Godzilla in Tokyo...

Fire LOVES this monkey and it shows!  He calls it Stormtrooper Monkey and he makes up the most imaginative adventures for him.  I'm hoping Monkey can survive for a few more years because he's getting really well loved and looking a little thin

Sky and Fire sang carols with their AWANAS group (and actually sang!)

Sky has been asking all month for an inflatable for our yard but we just didn't have the money this year.  Look what she won in a church give away!

 One Saturday, the kids played ice cream truck the entire morning.  I love that they're all getting to an age and ability where they can play together

Earth is all ready to go!

My grandma made me this Santa when I was a baby and I love that we still have it and that my kids love playing with it

This is the face Earth makes when anyone leaves without him.  He HATES it when people leave right now and on a regular day will go through everyone's name and ask where they are.

Whew, that's a lot of pictures!  What a crazy, busy, wonderful life!


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