Movie Night at the Train Museum

My kids LOVE the Tucson Train Museum!  We've gotten to such regulars there that the staff know us and are extra sweet with the kids.  We usually go on Saturday mornings and the kids love honking the train horn and playing with the toy trains.  This fall, they had a special family movie series to promote train safety so we've been bundling up the kids and heading downtown for crafts, popcorn, and free outdoor movies.
Doing a craft before the show

Settling in to watch Shrek. 
It gets chilly here once the sun goes down so we were all bundled up and the hot chocolate from the coffee shop next door was definitely appreciated

Earth, engrossed in the movie

D was our pack mule after the show

While he loaded the car, I tried to get pictures of the kids...

And tried...

and tried again...

There we go- selfies for the win!

  We love that Tucson has so much to offer families and we're having a blast making the most of this town while we're here!


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