How to Make an Ice Cream Cake

 My kids love ice cream cake! 

Usually when they ask for one for their birthday, we'll buy one from a local ice cream store but the kids never seem to eat more than the ice cream part and to me, that makes it hard to justify the cost.  This year when Sky asked for an ice cream cake for her birthday, I asked if she wanted me to try making one that was just ice cream.  She was on board with the experiment so I gathered some supplies and got to work:
 I used mint chip ice cream and mint oreo cookies to make the cake.  First, I lined a bundt pan with plastic wrap then I spooned in and spread around a layer of slightly softened ice cream (leaving it on the counter for five minutes while I prepped the pan did the trick).  I put in a layer of crushed cookies, then filled the pan up the rest of the way with ice cream, then put in a final layer of crushed cookies.  The pan went into the freezer overnight and when I flipped it out of the bundt pan the next day...

 I was shocked to see that it had refrozen into a perfect ice cream cake!

I decided the outside looked a little plain and decided to drizzle it with magic shell

A home-made ice cream cake!

Sky thought it was perfect and it tasted great.  This is all that was left after the party and the kids finished it off pretty quickly the next day.
You can see the crunchy layers in the cross section.  Any flavor of ice cream and any complementary kind of cookie could be used to make the cake.  I have a feeling this cake is going to be requested at a lot more birthday parties around here!


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