Sky's 8th Birthday

How did Sky get to be eight?!  Two seconds ago, she was a tiny little thing and now she's a big girl with big ideas, doing great in school and at home.  Sky is sassy, funny, and so smart!  I love watching her grow and can't wait to see what eight has in store for her.

Her godparents sent her some clothes for her birthday so we let her open a present the night before her birthday

It was the new dresses she asked for!  Thanks Auntie Mo and Uncle Paul!

All ready for church in one of her new dresses on her birthday

In the afternoon, we had some friends and family over to the house for a little party.  Playing hide and seek was the first order of business
 Found you, Fire!

 Anyone under there?

 After hide and seek, the board games came out.

Sky chose a nacho bar for dinner and once everyone was done eating, it was time for cake.  I made her a mint chip crunch ice cream cake (look for a post on that later this week) and we all sang to the birthday girl

After cake, Sky opened presents

Sky had a great time celebrating her birthday and is already talking about her party next year!
Happy Birthday, Sky!  You're my favorite eight-year-old!


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