Bar Lo Yuk, Jera!

   "Bar lo yuk, jera" is how you say "I'll see you again, friend" in Marshallese.  It's both the standard goodbye, kind of like "auf wiedersehen" in German, and what I said to one of my Marshallese teachers last Monday.  Sister Tago is an LDS missionary sister on Ebeye and and has been my teacher for the last three months.  She is moving to another mission site on Majuro to finish her missionary term before she returns to Australia, and I will miss her.  I have learned so much from Sister Tago and I hope that it really is "bar lo yuk" for us. 
  LDS missionary sisters work in teams of two and my other teacher has been Sister Tekiare, who's originally from Kiribati.  She'll be working on Ebeye for another two months, so I'll be continuing my lessons with her.  Sister Tekiare is so comfortable with Marshallese that I know I'll continue to learn from her.  I have been truly blessed to be able to learn from women as knowledgeable and patient as Sister Tago and Sister Tekiare.

Me and Sister Tago at my family's compound on Ebeye (being photo-bombed by Fire's cousin, and Sky's best friend, EJ)


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