Catching Up In Pictures

   Just the random happenings in our lives, caught on camera
 Fire is got his first scrape after learning to walk
 We attended a Kemem over the weekend.  They had Hawaiian dancers perform and Sky loved watching them.  If you look at the bottom of the picture, you'll see Fire getting a hug from an older boy.  That's Sean- he's 9 and loves Sky and Fire and is so good with them.  His older sister is one of the kids regular sitters.
 Me in my muumuu at the party
 The picture isn't great but the Kemem had a great candy bar spread.  Sky blends in a little bit but you can kind of make her out, eyeballing it all.
 Fire and I, rocking our plumeria flowers
 and Fire and Daddy rocking out
One afternoon when I had some cooking to do, I made Fire a paste out of cornstarch and water and let him go crazy with it:

A cool kid in sunglasses

I built a play fort for the kids one afternoon and it was a big hit.  Fire loved looking for Sky in it and would laugh so hard every time he found her.



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