Goodbye, Ms Florina

  Florina came over early yesterday morning to tell us that she had gotten a job at her children's school.  We knew that she was applying and I was ecstatic when she said that they'd hired her.  She'll be working as a teacher's helper at the JEM Christian School, one of the best elementary schools on Ebeye.  They are lucky to have her, just as we were lucky to have her in our lives.  She took faultless care of Fire, loved Sky even when she didn't listen, and looked out for D and I.  I'm glad to have her as my friend and hope we still see around.


  1. Feeling a little double-sided about this. YAY for Florina. Bummer for you guys. Most yay, though. :)

    1. It's mostly a bummer because the kids won't get to see her as much and they love her. I am actually really enjoying cleaning the house for now (!), but we're hoping to hire someone else before too long.


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