Redefined- Operation Science Stuff

  It looks like I was on to something when I named this project Operation: Science Stuff.  After some more discussion with my friend at the high school, we've decided that the best focus for this should be...  science stuff!  The school could really use the equipment to do science. 
  Did you enjoy science class in high school?  Even for someone like me who loved science class, the lecture part was always boring.  I always looked forward to the experiments.  We would study cell structure under the microscope for biology, grow crystals in chemistry, measure velocity in physics, and locate the planets in astronomy.  These are all things that make science come alive- that show students that science is more than words on page and that can lead to careers in science. 
  You can help make a difference in a young person's life- help their teachers capture their imaginations with science and open up a whole new world for them.  Below is a wish list. 

Microscope x 2 $189.95 each
  (3-Lens LED Microscope)
Stereo Microscope x 2 $75.95 each
  (Stereo Microscope)
Microscope slides and cover slips
  Slides x 5 $22.50
  Covers x 3 $5.10
  Slide Storage Box x 5 $34.75
Droppers and bulbs
  Dropper x 24 $6.00
  Bulb x24 $18.50
Slide sets
  Biology  $35.95
  Botany  $35.95
  Anatomy  $41.95
Chemistry glassware
  Beakers (set of 5) x5 $19.95
  Erlenmeyer Flasks (set of 5) x5 $22.95
  Graduated Cylinders (set of 6) x5 $28.95
  Test tubes
     Small (pack of 6) x 5  $14.00
     Large  (pack of 2) x 15 $16.50
   Test tube holders x 3 $17.80
Metal spatulas x 5 $9.00
Wash Bottles x 5 $16.50
Thermometer x 10 $25.00
pH paper x 5 $8.50
Physics tools
  physics kit x 2 $125.90
Optics tools
  Lens Set $34.95
  Magnifying Glass x 5 $26.00
  Diffraction Grating x 5 $8.50
Astronomy Chart x 5 $24.75
Periodic Table $12.00


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