Children's Book Raffle for Operation: Science Stuff

  We're having another raffle for Operation: Science Stuff!  The prize for this raffle is two books authored by children in the Marshall Islands and published through the Unbound Bookmaker project.   Each entry is $5 and you can enter as many times as you'd like.   Use this PayItSquare link to enter: Operation: Science Stuff.   The raffle will close on November 28th and we'll draw a name for winner that night.
  Thanks for all your support so far and good luck!
 Book one: 
 The Important Book About Majuro, written and illustrated by Mr Savu's 4th Grade Class
This sweet book features self portraits of the children who wrote the book along with pictures and descriptions of "important things" around Majuro

Book two: 
Legends from Jaluit Atoll, written and illustrated by Grades 5-8 at Imroj Elementary School

This book retells traditional legends from Jaluit and stories from the Marshall Islands in both Marshallese

and English, with pictures for each



  1. 10 entries for Roger and Caroline and 5 for Beth. Thank you so much for supporting the students!


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