Operation: Science Stuff- First Trip to Guegeegue

   The first donations for the high school on Guegeegue went over last week.  I was able to collect some things from the base that weren't being used anymore as well as a set of encyclopedias from the elementary school and some chemistry equipment from the high school here on Kwaj.  The Host Nations office arranged for me to travel with the donations on an RMI boat directly to Guegeegue, which is so much faster than taking the ferry and then driving on the causeway like I did last time.
  I felt kind of bad that the first set of donations from Operation: Science Stuff was more cast-offs from Kwaj but the students were very happy to get the basketballs and volleyballs and the teachers were excited to have the science supplies.  They were bowled over when I told them about how the fundraising was going.  The students had organized a small presentation and afterward, I got a tour of the science lab.
  I wish I'd remembered to take a picture of it for you to see:  there was one counter in the biology classroom with two volumetric flasks and one broken microscope.  There was a sink but it wasn't hooked up any more.  I can't wait to take them the rest of the science supplies and if there's money left over, I think it might be best to donate it to the school to help fix up the lab.
   Here are a few photos from that day- more soon!

 Myself with Mr Kabua and Major Sova from the Host Nations office and Mr Jeadrik, the high school vice principal
Loading the donations to go to Guegeegue


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