Happy Thanksgiving and a Raffle Winner

  Happy Thanksgiving from the Marshall Islands!!!  We had a low-key day home with the kids yesterday.  At breakfast we went around the table and said what we were thankful for:
    Sky: Turkey and family
    Me: That we love each other, even when we fight, and for our family
    D: A wife that puts up with his crazy ideas, and our children
    Fire:  That! (pointing at the pan of cinnamon rolls in the middle of the table)

   D smoked 3 racks of ribs and we headed to the beach for dinner- unfortunately the weather (and flies) didn't cooperate and we ended up eating at home but it was still a fun end to a non-traditional Thanksgiving Day.  We're having our big Thanksgiving dinner on Monday night- we'll be having 22 people over for dinner!  Luckily, half of those are kids under 5.  We're having our family over from Ebeye and I'm especially excited for that because I don't think Lomodro and Merline have ever had an American Thanksgiving.  I promise, I'll tell you all about it on Tuesday!

  And now for our raffle winner......
Roger and Caroline!
  Congratulations!  Please email me your address and I'll get the books out to you right away.  Becky, I have a consolation prize for you too, so please send me your address as well.  Thank you so much for your contribution to Operation: Science Stuff!  We're having a tie-dye event on Kwaj this weekend which will wrap up the fundraising portion of the project.  I'm really hoping we'll be able to purchase everything the students asked for.  The microscopes arrive this week and I can't wait to take them over to the school!
In lieu of pictures, since we haven't had our big Thanksgiving yet, here's a look back at earlier Bates family Thankgivings:

2010 (not a Thanksgiving day post but definitely something to give thanks for)
2008 (nothing for 2009 but I was in Antarctica in 2008, and Thanksgivings there are great)

Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!  We hope you have a wonderful day, full of family and love!

(Note: here's the link to our Full-House Thanksgiving )



  1. What fun to be invited into your non-traditional Thanksgiving day...in a beautiful location with adorable kids! So glad I came by....God bless.

  2. Your family is beautiful and the water in the picture on your header is unbelievably gorgeous. I'm so grateful you welcomed us into your non-traditional Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving on Monday too!


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