Taking My Dad To Roi

 My dad: have mini-backpack, will travel
 Our parade heading for the airport
Seeing the sights on Roi

No trip to Roi is complete without feeding the radar chickens

 We eventually had to pen Fire (AKA: the great chicken chaser) up so that we could feed the chickens

but once all the bread was gone...

 Here, chicken, chicken, chicken!
Look out, chickens, here comes Sky!

After lunch, we hit the beach to cool off
and Fire took a nap on his favorite mattress 

The paddle board came out

 and Sky got brave!
Then I took a turn
What about D?  Nope, still stuck under a napping baby

Once Fire woke up, my dad took a turn in the hammock

 I say, "Cheers, to a great day on Roi!"


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