Christmas, Part One

   Because of the way mail works here, we had three Christmases- the first one on Christmas and the other two when our Christmas boxes arrived from our family in the states.  All of them were great and it was nice to have the holiday season keep on going. 
  We went to church on Christmas eve and then came home to put out the presents and perform that age-old Christmas eve activity: putting together a bike.  On Christmas morning, two of our friends came over for breakfast and to watch Sky open presents.  After church, lunch and a nap, we spent the afternoon around the house, playing with our new toys.

 The tree on Christmas eve

 Sky LOVES her play house!

 and she really liked the picnic table that was just her size

Both the house and table are hand-me-downs from another family on island whose daughters had outgrown them.  Sky was so excited when we brough her outside on Christmas morning.  As soon as she saw the house, she said "House!" and ran right in to start playing

Opening presents

Checking out her stocking

Trying out her new bike

 It's still a little big but she really liked it

Pay-pay and Sky in their Christmas dresses


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