Christmas, Part Two

   We celebrated our second Christmas when boxes arrived from my aunt J and my Mom.   D looks forward to my aunt J's box every year because she sends him her home-made peppermint bark.  D rations it out over the year and had just finished the bark from last year a few weeks before Christmas.

 Sky rocking out on the guitar that she got for Christmas from Mommy and Daddy

 My aunt J sent Sky a sun crystal for her room and she thought it was so pretty!

 You can't buy picture frames on Kwaj so for Christmas my mom sent us a bunch

 Even Harley got something

 New kitchen towels, basters and potholders and some sunflower seeds for D

 My mom recorded a book for Sky and she really enjoys listening to Grandma L tell her a story

I got a new yard flag, picture frames and of course, Pearson's Nut Rolls


  1. 1.) I can't believe David has the will power to make a beloved sweet last that long. Hats off to him.
    2.) You have a cat!? Fun! :)
    3.) You guys *might* just be the cutest family ever. Well, at least on your side of the int'l date line, anyway.


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