Finding Nemo in Sky's Room

Since we live in concrete block base housing, decorating can be difficult. If you want to hang something on the wall, you have to drill a very permanent hole (that you're not even supposed to be drilling) so you'd better be sure you really want that hole there. Sky's favorite movie is Finding Nemo so I was pretty excited when I found these wall stickers on Amazon. They're big and bright and feature most of the main characters from the movie. They were easier than anything to put up and don't damage the wall at all. Sky loves them and they really cheer up her room.

   I put this last one in so you can see how big the stickers are in relation to rest of the room. They're not huge but they're pretty noticeable. See that patch-work quilt on top of Sky's big-girl bed? My grandmother made that for me and it was on my bed for most of my childhood. My mom sent it to me when we were expecting Sky.


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