A Weekend on Roi

   Last weekend we had a three-day weekend and  flew up to Roi for a little time away.  It was so much fun!  We hung out with our friends, went to the beach, ate Missile burgers (the best bacon cheeseburgers ever!) and just relaxed.  D didn't get to do any kiteboarding but he did some wakeboarding for practice on his board.  On Sunday morning, our friend Lannie watched Sky so that D and I could have some baby-free time which was really great.  Sky and I flew home on Tuesday morning and D stayed up for the day to go sailing with a friend.  We love our weekends on Roi!

 Cheesin' on the plane

 Playing angry birds with Daddy

 Family picture- with Jeff's head in it!

 There we are!

 Our friend Laura was up for the weekend too

 Hanging out with Sandra

 Doing a little light reading

 Even D can't resist a little Danielle Steele, even if he tries to hide it

 Laura relaxing on the beach on a hammock- what's missing?

 Sky loves driving carts so we found a straight stretch of road and let her at it

 She did a great job!

D took this one while Sky and I were napping

 At the beach with Sandra

 Sky got stuck in the hammock while she was looking for hermit crabs

 Laying in the sun with Mommy

Gene is great with Skyand she has so much fun playing with him.  She helped try to dig a hole to China:

 Sky at the Outrigger

Having a drink with Daddy


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