A Day on A Boat

   Last weekend we were invited to go sailing to Bigej (say: bee-gejj) with some friends.  Even though it's only two hours away by boat, and a great place to go snorkeling, D and I had never been there, so we were really excited to go.  Our friends Amy and Doug kept Sky and Fire for the day (they already have four kids, so what's two more!) and we loaded up our snacks and snorkeling gear and sailed out on Panacea. 
  Unfortunately, the weather didn't really cooperate so we motored our way there but it otherwise, it was a great day out on the water.  We talked, snorkeled, ate, napped, snorkeled, explored, and then motored back to Kwaj.  Even without wind to rock the boat, I still got pretty seasick (I blame it on this) and I spent a lot of the return trip laying down. 
  It was our first time away from Sky for a whole day since she came home to us a year and a half ago and I was a little worried about how she would handle it but over all, she did great.  She loves going to Amy's house and we only had a few problems with her behavior the next day.  I don't know how much more we'll get to go out boating but this time was a lot of fun.

Sky wants to go snorkeling

 Fire's not sure about those faces!

 Brendan piloting us out of Kwaj harbor

A view of Ebeye, where most of the Marshallese in the country live 

 I love this picture of D and I


 Goofing off with the camera while trying not to be seasick

 Emon beach, seen from the lagoon

Sailing into Kwaj Harbor


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