A Good Reason Not to Buy a Boat

  Last night, instead of hanging out on the back porch with our friends Mo and Paul, while D and Paul jammed on their guitars, I scrubbed a toilet.  I could have said, "This time is precious" and sat with them but I'd been doing that for the last two weeks and the bathroom was getting really disgusting.  I had been hoping that Florina would get to it (she does a little cleaning for us when she has time) but she hadn't and I just couldn't take it any more. 
  I gave the bathroom a good cleaning, Pledged the end tables and coffee table in the living room, put laundry away, moved some more laundry through, loaded the dishwasher, and finally got some things put away that had just been sitting around for way too long.  It was nice to have a shiny house before going to bed.  But I didn't sit around with my husband and our friends and enjoy the moment. 
  If we have a hard time getting to these everyday tasks now, how will we ever get to them if we have a boat?


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