What Dinner Really Looks Like at Our House

  Don't let my posts about food fool you.  Don't think that just because we serve Sky everything we eat and that we ask her to eat one bite of everything that's on her plate that our dinner time doesn't look exactly like yours.  Most of our meals are spent trying to get Sky to eat something (what is that with toddlers?!  She likes food, she just doesn't like to eat), trying to get her to stay at the table, and in between that, trying to talk about our day and plan for the evening.  See, I took pictures:

 Sky is eating on D's lap, while pulling is hand to her face to play "shake-face" (it's what it sounds like).  You'll notice that she's eaten most of her tofu and polenta and none of her pepper.  We let this one go- she's not a big fan of peppers and I knew it would be a stretch.

I'm holding Fire on my lap because he's teething and wants his ja-ja.  You'll notice I don't have a plate in front of me- it has to be pushed away even when I'm eating because Fire reaches for anything he can these days.

And I took a stab at making him baby food the other day
He wasn't a fan.
(I just missed catching the crease between his eyebrows when he tasted the home made carrots)


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