Finding Our Stride

  I realized the other day that it's been a while since I've posted about our family and how we're doing and to tell the truth, lately it feels like we're hitting our stride.  Fire has been home for almost five months now and we're finally getting back to doing most of the things that we were doing when we just had Sky.  We even went for a four-mile run the other morning, our first long run with both kids in the jogging stroller.
  Sky is doing better with Fire.  She still strikes out at him but it's happening less and less often.  She likes to hold him and I think he'll get more and more interesting to her as he gets more mobile.  Sky is doing great in school and the teacher there have talked about moving her up to the 3-4 year-old class already.  We've decided that we want her to stay where she is so that she has a chance to be the oldest kid in the class for a while and because there is only one other student in her class in the afternoons.  J is also Marshallese so they have been getting some instruction in Marshallese in the afternoons and Ms Carmen says she's picking it up pretty quickly.  Sky is talking up a storm these days, using full sentences and asking questions.  She will still collapse into crying and just making noise when she is frustrated but we're working on it. 
  Fire is still a big, happy boy.  He stays at home with Ms Florina although there is talk of starting an infant care program at the CDC.  He loves Sky and thinks pretty much anything she does is funny.  Fire can roll from is back to his front but hasn't figured out how to get back to his back yet.  He's almost ready to crawl and will try to push himself towards things when we put him on his tummy.  He's still eating like a horse and sleeping through the night.  Fire has favorite people now (Florina, me, and D, in that order) and will cry when at least one of us isn't in his range of sight.  He is still fussy when we leave him with Bubu and Jimma but he's getting better with Bubu (poor Jimma, Fire cries at the sight of him!). 
  D is putting in long hours at work these days and his class is taking more time than he expected it would but he's still enjoying both.  He's looking forward to the windy season starting so that he can get out and kiteboard again. 
  I am playing soccer again this season, goalie this time, and am enjoying it.  I'm also still teaching every Monday on Ebeye and am having fun with that too. 
  So what's new with you?


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