Catching Up in Omaha

  We've been pretty busy here in Omaha, seeing old friends, doing some Christmas shopping and finding fun things for the kids to do.  D got a new tattoo, we met friends for dinner and Sky and Dplayed at the hotel's indoor water park. 

 I think Fire needs a haircut if it's getting long enough for Sky to put barrettes in it

 What's missing from this picture?  My friend Andrea.  She was going to meet Fire and I for lunch but the roads were awful, so I had lunch with my best boy.  He's starting to eat real food and loved the cheddar biscuits at Red Lobster.

 Sky kept wanting to go to the water park but when she was there, she spent a lot of time standing in the water just looking at things.  She'd never seen anything like the water park before and didn't know what to make of if.

 D and Sky on the park's lazy river.

I took the kids to the Omaha Children's Museum today and Sky loved it.  Finally, a place where she could run around anywhere she wanted and touch everything!  She played there for two hours and even made a new friend.

 D's meeting some old friends this afternoon and tonight and the kids and I are going to see a friend I used to work with.  We're heading to my mom's in Iowa tomorrow.  The drive should only take about 4 hours but adding in extra time for kids and weather, I'm guessing we won't get in until dinner time.  Let the Christmas-ing begin!


  1. The water park does look pretty awe-inspiring. I could use some time on the old lazy river myself about now.


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