Get Lost, Kailua!

Sky getting ready for the day

At the overlook on the Pali Highway

The view from the overlook

Sky and Daddy at the overlook


Sky playing chase at the beach

Caught you!

D loved watching all these kite boarders.

  Seriously, Kailua?  You bill yourselves as a beach town but you can't be bothered to put up signs that say "This way to the beach"?  The day started out fun with breakfast a Denny's and a trip up the Pali Highway.  The drive was easy and mountains were beautiful.  When I think of mountains, I think of worn, gradual peaks like the Rockies so seeing sharp, young mountains like the ones on Oahu were really striking to me.  They looked like they went straight up and were really imposing.  The view from the overlook on the Pali Highway was beautiful and the kids loved the wind.  
  From the overlook we headed down into Kailua, and I'll admit, we should have had a map.  We assumed that because it was a tourist place, there would be signs and that because it was a beach next to the mountains, that we could just head down hill.  Nope.  After a stop at a kite boarding ship for D and grocery store for a picnic lunch, we spent over an hour driving around the town, trying to find a beach.  We were both getting frustrated and disheartened when I finally pulled the car into a parking lot and insisted that we eat lunch.  
  The food helped, and so did taking a break from driving but after another half hour, we still couldn't find the beach (even asking for directions didn't help).  In the end, we managed to find it down an unmarked road past a small store.  I just happened to be looking in the right direction at the right time and saw kite boarding kites in the air.  D was elated to see so many kite boarders out on the water and we spent an hour watching them.  Sky and I played chase, Fire napped in his baby carrier, and D soaked up the ambiance and chatted up some other kite boarders. 
  It was a great drive through the mountains and a nice change from Waikiki but the stress of being lost took something away from the day. 


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