Happy Birthday Sky!

Sky is three! We celebrated throughout the day, with special pancakes for breakfast, noodles and edamame for dinner and presents from morning till night. It was a good day, happy but quiet.

The present landscape before Sky started opening them. Since she's the oldest and the only girl, she does pretty well on her birthday.

Sky insisted on changing into this dress before she opened any other presents. It's an up-cycled T-shirt that I bought from an adoption fundraiser (email me for info).

Presents are best displayed on our heads

Who's a princess? Sky's a princess!

Whoops, forgot to get a picture of the cake before we cut into it. Sky picked out the funfetti cake, pink vanilla icing, and white icing decorations. It also has star sprinkles around the outside (althoughthe don't really hide the fact that I forgot that it takes two cans of icing to ice a double-round cake)


I don't know if any cake made it in Fire's mouth but lots made it on his face and in his hair


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