Road Trippin'

   From Omaha, we headed to my mom's in Iowa for Christmas.  This was our second big (4-hour) drive with the kids and we were hoping that it would go smoother than our last one.  On our way into Omaha, I spent the last half hour sitting in the back between the kids singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" to keep them quiet because they'd had enough.  By now, they'd spent a little more time in car seats and we were a little more used to it.  We had a late breakfast at a McDonald's with a playplace and then hit the road.  It took us about two hours longer than usual to  make the drive but all in all it went well.  Fire slept for most of it and Sky's able to entertain herself with the books and toys I had loaded in her backpack for her.  We've got quite a few more of these to go and hopefully they'll all go as well as this one did.

 So much for our "travel light" theme!  The combination of kids and winter put a pretty quick end to that.

 Look who got a lollypop for the drive

 Fire's version of road food

So far, Fire is about 60/35/5 for carseats: 60% of the time he sleeps, 35% of the time he fusses, and 5% of the time he's happy
Here's the 35%

 And here's the 5%

 D loving some gas station coffee Grandmother's house we go!


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