Camping On Roi

I'd been looking forward to taking the kids camping for a while and it seemed like Fire was finally old enough so this past weekend we camped on Roi with our friends Gene and Sandra and another family from Kwaj.  While it wasn't all sunshine and s'mores, we all had a really good time and we're already talking about what we're going to do better next time.
Camping near the beach? Check!

 Camping near a beach that has electricity, fresh water, and a real bathroom nearby?  Double check!
 After getting the camp set up, we went swimming and then grilled dinner as the sun went down.  Before bed, we had a (very hot) fire and made s'mores
We got the kids to bed and had a good time just talking with our friends but right when we were ready to call it a night, Fire woke up and couldn't get back to sleep.  I ended up carrying him a mile across the island to the hotel room we'd reserved just in case.  He fell asleep on my shoulder during the walk but woke up once we got to the air conditioned room.  He passed out again around 2am, just about the time it started pouring down rain.
 Turns out rainflys don't work that well if you don't stake them out- D had to do it in the dark by himself though, so have some pity on him.

Who doesn't love camping breakfasts and coffee after sleeping in a tent?

 I swear, I fixed his diaper three times and it kept ending up like this! 
Fire had two bowls of oatmeal
and then hit Gene up for his banana.  Growing boy!

We had a great morning at the beach and grilled out again for lunch.  That afternoon, we took all the kids back to the room for naps and then went to the Outrigger Bar for dinner.  We slept in the hotel that night but told ourselves, "Next time, next time..."


  1. I say, if you cooked over a fire and everyone at least started out the night in a tent, it totally counts! Congratulations on a great camping trip! :)

    1. yup, it totally counts. Actually, the kids did better than David did- he's not much camper on a good day. Add some screaming babies and a rain storm and he was done with it!


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