Columbus Day Run

 We participated in the Columbus Day run again this year- 6.52 miles around Kwajalein Atoll.  I didn't have high hopes for the run and was mostly wanting to finish it without walking.  D has been training for it but I haven't and our practice runs the last two weekends didn't go that well.  I think our best decision was to borrow another single jogger from a friendso that we could each push a kid.  Our kids are getting so big that they were just too heavy to push together in the double jogger for that long! 
  We finished the run in 1:12:13, only a little over a minute slower than last year.  I was so proud of us- we never walked, never complained, just went for a fun jog with 50 of our friends and had a good time doing it. 
After the run this year

After the run last year
 (Teshie was only 8 months old!)

We did the run in 2011 too but I don't have any pictures of it, so here are some really cute ones of Sky doing yoga with her daddy

(Look at how tiny she was- 22 months old!)


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