Guest Post: Meet My Friend Andrea

Hello, all! I'm a friend of A's. Actually, for all I know, A is really a super-secret experiment from some clandestine government agency, since we've never actually met. But, such is life in this fast-paced, modern world. Information, experiences, and even whole relationships can be shared over the world wide web - and you don't even have to get out of your jammies to do it! Experiment or not, I'm awfully grateful to have become her friend, and for her kindness in letting me share our exciting news with all of you. You ready?

We're moving to Guatemala!!!!

Sorry - I tend to get a little over exuberant sometimes. Let me back up a little bit.

Who - First off - 'we' are the Farriers - a family of five from Iowa. Mark (dad) and Andrea (mom) took a short-term trip to Guatemala in February, and came back with a heart for the people there. After much prayer, confirmation, and conversation with our girls (Rachel - 13, Rebecca - 9, Sarah - 6), we know that we are called to mission work!

What - Mark will be interning with some long-term missionaries in the area, and assisting at a local Bible college, which trains pastors. Andrea will be a volunteer teacher at a Christian K-12 school in the city. The girls will attend there as well. We will also be helping with water quality and safety projects, at orphanages and women's shelters, and wherever else we can find to share the love and message of Jesus.

When - Well, as soon as we can get enough funding raised, and get our house sold, we're ready to go. Our goal is to leave by June 1st, so we can get (read: drive) down there in time to get settled before the school year starts in early August of 2014. (Yes. We're driving through Mexico. With all of our remaining possessions. In a Jeep. There are five of us. It will take approximately 43 hours of driving. We're choosing to think of it as boot camp for learning to rely on Jesus for every need. Help us Lord...)

Where - The town we are going to is called Quetzaltenango (or, Xela [shay-la], as the locals call it). It's the second biggest city in Guatemala, and is located in the Western highlands.

Why - Trust us - this was not our idea. It really was from God. Honest. We're normal, rational, hardworking American people, and we didn't come up with a plan to move to a 2nd world country on our own. God showed us His love for the people in Guatemala. He showed us the need there. He showed us that we could be an answer for people in need. Then God reminded us that we had promised to give our lives to Him. It's very hard to say no to God when He is so clearly leading you.... even when He leads you to Guatemala.

How - This is where you come in. Well, you, and a whole bunch of other people. We need to raise $2,500 in monthly support, and $10,000 for our sending/emergency fund before we can go. We're already over 25% of the way there, and are looking for people who want to put their money where the Great Commission is and partner with us in this ministry.

Is that you? Is God stirring your heart? Have you been looking for new ways to make a difference in the world? Want to stretch out and broaden your sphere of influence? Or, maybe you're just super rich and in desperate need of a place to put a bunch of cash for tax purposes. That's ok too. We don't judge.

If any of those are true about you, then we can help, if you help us!

Just to prove we're 100% legit and above board (and so you'll know where and how to donate if you feel so inclined), we invite you to:
Thanks for being A's friend, everyone. Even government experiments need love. Right? Also, though, thanks for taking the time to check out what we're up to. I hope that we can all become online friends. Might as well take advantage of all the good things the internet has to offer, even if for no other reason than to offset all those annoying popup ads and spam emails. :)


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