Raffle Winner

  I bet you've all been waiting on pins and needles to find out who won the beautiful purse we're raffling off!  Well, four wonderful ladies entered and the winner was drawn out of a hat on the night of the 15th.  
Me, getting ready to draw a name from the hat

And the winner is...

Can't see it?  How about if we move closer?

There's our winner!

  Congratulations to Liz, our big winner!  I'll get the purse in the mail to you as soon as possible.  And for Kari, Rachel, and Andrea, I have consolation prizes for you!  Kari, would you send your mailing address to ambermbates(at)gmail(dot)com?  Rachel and Andrea, I've already got your addresses, so keep an eye out for your prize! 
  Thanks again to everyone who's contributed to Operation: Science Stuff.  It's already been a huge success, way beyond what the school imagined we could do.  Let's keep it up!  Stay tuned for another raffle in November, with children's books from the Unbound Bookmaker project as the prize.


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