It's Not Hoarding If...

On Kwaj, it's not hoarding if you're actually going to use it all.
On Kwaj, it's not hoarding if the store won't be selling that item ever again.
On Kwaj, it's not hoarding, it's called shopping!

Why yes, I did buy six bottles of flavored coffee creamer at the store this weekend.  I was making a quick run, hoping to find cheese and sour cream, and there they were: winter creamer flavors!  I bought two peppermint mochas (my favorite flavor) one pumpkin spice, one chocolate raspberry, and two vanilla heats for D.  He likes the new flavor so much he's only adding to his coffee every other day so that it'll last longer.  Oh, Kwaj, somehow you're totally wonderful and horribly frustrating at the same time!


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