Water's Adoption Timeline

  Water's adoption went very quickly!  We weren't expecting that at all.  We were told to expect at least a 5-6 month wait to be chosen but that it would probably be closer to a year. D and I also assumed that when our family did get picked, the baby's birth mother would still be at least a month away from delivery.  As you can see below, it didn't quite go that way...

March: D and I decide against another adoption in the Marshall Islands and I begin researching domestic adoption in the US
April: D and I choose International Family Services and bombard them with questions for an entire month
May 3: We commit to a US domestic adoption with International Family Services and I begin working through all the paperwork and creating our family profile
May 10: We're fingerprinted for our FBI clearances
May 16: Family profile completed
May 31: Home study completed
July 3: Home study received by IFS
July 8: Completed and submitted IFS client info form and preference sheet
July 15: Our family profile books are sent to social workers in 10 US states
August 8: We're chosen!
August 9: We have our first phone conversation with the young woman who chose our family- this is also the day she's due to give birth
August 11: A flies to Seattle on the first available flight
August 16: Water is born at 1:43 in the afternoon
September 25: Water's adoption is finalized!
October 1/2:  We all fly back to Kwaj


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