High Five for Friday #3

  This is the first Friday in several weeks that I've felt like high-fiving.  Things felt so challenging here that even the fact that the week was ending wasn't a relief.  The weekends at home just meant more time together for more situations to come up that needed to be dealt with.  Happily, it seems like that Sky's perfect storm of emotional growing pains, a terrible case of bronchitis, and the end of the new baby honeymoon is over.  Between antibiotics, a positive behavior modification reward system, and plain old time, we're feeling back on track.  So high five, Friday!  I'm happy to see you!


We dyed Easter eggs for the first time this week.  Designs included a butterfly for her and a car and airplane for him.  

Sky is taking ballet right now and had dance pictures taken recently:
Wearing makeup for the first time (and anxious for Mama to stop taking pictures so she can play with her friends!)

This is what dance pictures for seven K-2nd graders actually looks like

Sky and her friend G

Cowgirl boots!  Sky has been waiting years to be able to wear these and they finally fit
(and again, she's done with me taking pictures!)

#4 and 5
We're still sticking to our meat fast and for the most part, it hasn't changed how we eat.  We have used meat substitutes with some success (and some not), and we have fudged a few times like when we had steak for my birthday.  Eggplant Parmagiana, home-made buffalo mac with broccoli, seitan wraps, red beans with cheese and tomatoes have been the most successful meals in the past few weeks.  The biggest surprise for me has been how low our grocery bill has been.  I've been spending less than $100, and usually less than $80, per week for all our food.  That's much lower than our usual weekly food expense. 

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  1. Look at those cowgirl boots! Love it :) And I'm really excited about dying Easter eggs this year! It will be my first time doing it with my 17 month old. She'll (hopefully!) love it. Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and thanks again for linking up with us at H54F!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

    1. Thanks for stopping by Katie! Aren't those great boots? Unfortunately about five minutes after taking that picture, Sky decided they were "ugly!" and insisted on taking them off. Such a fashionista already!


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