Purpose and Without Mercy #5

Water is the fifth baby to wear the onesie that D and I bought in Japan.  We found it in Tokyo one day shortly after my nephew, the first grandchild in the family, was born.  D loves that kind of bad translation and it seemed like the perfect gift.   

There it is, on the left just above the whale shark, waiting to be mailed to my nephew

R, the first purposeful but merciless baby in the family

Sky borrowed it for a photo shoot
(oh my gosh, wasn't she tiny!)

My second nephew I displays the perfect attitude for wearing the onesie

Fire barely fit into it
(he was big and I was slow to get it from my SIL)

And now there's this one...

I love this family tradition!  What are your family traditions, kid related or otherwise?  Do you do anything that's unique to your family?

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